Tire Ecopia EP200
Ecopia EP200

High Performance goes green with the EP200. A lower rolling resistance, thanks to its unique compound and tread pattern means more fuel efficiency. EP200 also has a longer operational life and outstanding wet braking performance for a safe, sure-footed journey.

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Sizes And Recommended Retail Prices For This Tyre

13 inch

Pattern Size Load Index Speed Symbol RRP($)
EP200 175/70R13 82 H $ 92.00

14 inch

Pattern Size Load Index Speed Symbol RRP($)
EP200 185/60R14 82 V $ 117.00
EP200 175/65R14 82 H $ 119.00
EP200 185/65R14 86 H $ 119.00
EP200 185/70R14 88 H $ 117.00
EP200 195/70R14 91 V $ 122.00

15 inch

Pattern Size Load Index Speed Symbol RRP($)
EP200 185/55R15 82 V $ 124.00
EP200 195/55R15 85 V $ 132.00
EP200 185/60R15 84 V $ 119.00
EP200 195/60R15 88 V $ 126.00
EP200 205/60R15 91 V $ 133.00
EP200 175/65R15 84 H $ 116.00
EP200 185/65R15 88 H $ 126.00
EP200 185/65R15 82 V $ 129.00
EP200 195/65R15 91 V $ 124.00
EP200 205/65R15 94 V $ 130.00
EP200 215/65R15 96 V $ 145.00

16 inch

Pattern Size Load Index Speed Symbol RRP($)
EP200 185/55R16 83 V $ 138.00
EP200 205/55R16 91 V $ 173.00
EP200 205/60R16 92 V $ 152.00
EP200 215/60R16 95 H $ 188.00
EP200 225/60R16 98 V $ 189.00

17 inch

Pattern Size Load Index Speed Symbol RRP($)
EP200 225/45R17 091 V $ 199.00
EP200 215/50R17 091 V $ 205.00
EP200 225/50R17 094 V $ 214.00
EP200 215/55R17 094 V $ 200.00
EP200 225/55R17 097 V $ 200.00

Note: Some sizes are available on indent basis only and are subject to availability. Prices stated are just an indicator and it excludes wheel balancing, wheel alignment or any other tyre related services. For more information, kindly check with any Bridgestone Authorised Dealers


The ECOPIA tyre is designed with fuel and environmental savings in mind. Because it has a lower rolling resistance than other tyres, ECOPIA achieves greater fuel efficiency, leading to greater cost savings, as well as lower CO2 emissions.

ECOPIA What is Rolling Resistance

Rolling resistance refers to the amount of force required to roll a tyre forward. Reducing this resistance means that less fuel is used to create this movement.

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ECOPIA Go Further

The advanced technology of ECOPIA gives you smoother acceleration, a more stable driving experience and better wet braking performance. ECOPIA also has better wear resistance, going further with a longer life span.

ECOPIA Wet Braking Comparison
Wet Braking Performance
ECOPIA Product Comparison
ECOPIA EP200 vs Conventional Tyre


Ghwong said,

10 Oct 2014

I just changed to this Ecopia EP200 for my Prius C (185/60/R15) from Michelin XM2. This tyres are very cheap with good performance and comfort. The grip on dry and wet was acceptable for me. Most important is the noise, as compared to XM2 it did very well after run in about 10k.

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