Bridgestone Corporate Profile
Bridgestone Corporate Profile

The World’s Leading Tyre and Rubber Company

Wherever vehicles carry people and goods, Bridgestone supplies world-class tyres and supports these tyres with world-class services. Bridgestone strives to define the standard for excellence in all tyre cateogories in every nation around the world.

Bridgestone was founded by Shojiro Ishibashi in 1931. From the beginning, he held international aspirations for his business, and named the company “Bridgestone”. The surmane “Ishi-bashi” literally means “stone-bridge”. Reversing the order produced a name that the founder hoped would feel more familiar to everyone.

Our corporate mission is “Serving Society with Superior Quality”, words used by Bridgestone’s founder to describe his vision for the company. Superior quality is not merely a goal to which we aspire in connection with our products, services and technology. It is something that Bridgestone pursues in its corporate activities as well. Bridgestone’s commitment to quality is a worldwide commitment – sharing the values of the community, including the universal desire for a sound environment, and working conscientiously to improve the quality of life for people everywhere.

  • Highest turnover amongst the rubber manufacturers globally (No.1 for 18 consecutive years since 1989)
  • One of the leading tyre manufacturers (Share of the world tyre market in 2006: 18.4%)
  • Over 150 plants in 27 countries
  • Total number of employees in the Bridgestone group: Over 123,000
  • Technical centres: Japan (Tokyo and Yokohama for diversified products) / USA (Akron) / Europe (Rome) / China (Wuxi)
  • Test courses: 11 locations in the world (One established in Rome in 2004 and another in China in 2007)

Company Name: Bridgestone Tyre Sales Singapore Pte Ltd
Office Address: 491B River Valley Road
#16-03/04 Valley Point
Singapore 248373
Date of Business Registration: February 17, 2001
Registration No: 200101061E
Start of Business: May 1, 2001
Managing Director: Michael Tan
Office No.(DID): 6777 4181 Ext.680
Director (Corporate Governance & Compliance): Shirley Lee
Office No.(DID): 6777 4181 Ext.681
Director: Warren Mitchell
Director: Tai Kawasaki
Line of Business: Distribution of Bridgestone brands for Trucks, Buses, Light Trucks, Vans, Passenger Cars, Forklifts, Farm Services, Motorcycles & Racing Karts
Shares: 100% owned by Bridgestone Corporation