Parallel-import tyres.
It's a case of "buyer beware".
At first glance, all new tyres look exactly the same.
Unless your tyre is from a Bridgestone Authorised Dealer,
you may be in for a surprise.
Here's an example of Bridgestone tyres being sold by a
parallel importer.
Improper Storage

Improper storage and stacking of tyres. Scuffed and warped.

Tyres like this cannot be sold or used.

Warped Tyre

A flattened or warped tyre may be inflated back to shape but permanent damage may have been done to the interior.

Tyres like this also should not be sold or used.

Internal Damage

It's not easy to tell if a tyre has suffered internal damage.

This illustration shows permanent damage to the steel belts, compromising strength and safety.

Why risk your safety for savings?
Always insist on your Bridgestone Assurance Sticker
that comes with 5-year Warranty.