Potenza RE71R
Potenza RE-71R

Tuned for maximum handling on the track and engineered to deliver faster lap times, Potenza RE-71R semi-slick tyre is designed to fit performance cars which are popular among enthusiast drivers.

Potenza RE-71R tyre from Bridgestone features a newly developed tread compound that increases contact with the road surface, giving car enthusiasts more grip when cornering and braking.

Product Features:

  • Immediate steering response: the tread pattern of the tyre is engineered with a wide centre rib that makes the Potenza RE-71R tyre highly responsive in extreme driving performance circumstances
  • Extreme cornering: the unique design of the Potenza RE-71R tyre features maximum shoulder stiffness and provides constant rubber-to-road contact in sharp turns.
  • Enhanced wet traction: wide circumferential grooves and an angled-directional pattern provide effective drainage in wet conditions and give the Potenza RE-71R tyre dependable everyday performance on the street.

Track Performance

  • 1) Wide Contre Rib
    • Promote agile steering response
  • 2) Extreme Shoulder Block
    • Allows for confident cornering
  • 3) Unique Construction and Compound
    • Tuned for maximum handling

Wet Performance

  • 1) Wide Circumferential Grooves
  • 2) Angled Directional Pattern
  • 3) Hydro Evacuation Surface
    • Provide effective drainage in wet conditions

Increase In Contact Area Improve The Handling Performance

  • New rounded shoulder profile for RE-71R
  • Improved contact areas

Improved Grip in Contact Patch

  • Stick (grip) area increased
  • Slide (grip-loss) area reduced
Size and Recommended Retail Prices For This Tyre
Sizes Load Index Speed Symbol RRP($)
195/50 R15 82 V $175
215/45 R17 XL 91 W $235
225/45 R17 XL 94 W $261
235/45 R17 94 W $270
225/40 R18 XL 92 W $270
235/40 R18 XL 95 W $289
265/35 R18 XL 97 W $355

Note: Some sizes are available on indent basis only and are subject to availability. Price stated are just an indicator and it excludes wheel balancing, wheel alignment or any other tyre related services. For more information, kindly check with any Bridgestone Authorised Dealers.