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Tire Ecopia EP100A
Potenza S001

High performance goes green, with EP100A! Its unique tread pattern delivers stable driving and outstanding braking performance even in wet conditions. And it is really friendly to the earth, because its Ecopia compound drastically cuts down carbon dioxide emissions drastically.

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Special Movies

'DRIVE GREEN' mini-documentary

In 2010, National Geographic Channel partners with Bridgestone to co-produce a "Drive Green" mini-documentary, hereby showing consumers easy tips they can adapt in driving as an effort to reduce CO2 emission and hence, save the environment.

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Story 1:Auto Industory

Nowadays, car manufacturers have factored in effective engineering solutions in automobile design to make cars more fuel efficient. In this episode, our host is going to show you, from alternative fuel to low rolling resistance tyres, the state-of-the-art technologies the global automobile industry adopts to innovate their products.

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Story 2:Tyre Technologies

In this episode, our host interviews a Bridgestone engineer to know more about low rolling resistance tyres, and to demonstrate how the innovative product reduces CO2 emission from an advanced driving experience.

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Story 3:Green Driving Tip

In this episode, our host highlights some green driving tips for us to adapt in order to reduce CO2 emission.

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Doing Our Part - Vignette

NGC-produced vignette featuring Bridgestone's ECOPIA tyre, passenger car tyre that improve vehicle fuel efficiency while lowering CO2 emissions.


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