Road Sport Battlax BT-0369SS Mini
Road Sport
Tire Road Sport Battlax BT-0369SS Mini

BATTLAX BT-39SS Mini is BT-39SS modified for mini bike racing. With wide ranges of high grip compounds and sizes, BT-39SS Mini is designed to win mini-bike and scooter races with grip and sharp handling.

Sizes For This Tyre

Front / Rear

Pattern Tyre Size TL/TT Meas. Rim Appr. Rim
BT-039SS Mini 3.00 10 T/L 42J - 2.15 1.85-2.15
BT-039SS Mini 3.50 10 T/L 51J - .15 2.15-2.50
BT-039SS Mini 80/90 10 T/L 34J - 2.15 1.85-2.15
BT-039SS Mini 90/90 10 T/L 50J - 2.15 2.15-2.50

(For Dry - YCX & YCY)

Note: Some sizes are available on indent basis only and are subject to availability.