Dueler H/T 840
Tire Dueler H/L 683
Dueler H/T 840

The Dueler H/L 683 with UNI-T AQ is a Highway All-Season tyre that provides the civilised highway luxury necessary to tame light trucks for the road. Dueler H/L 683 tyres are designed to bring the qualities of passenger car comfort and a quiet ride to sport utility vehicles and pickup trucks, while providing year-round traction.

Bridgestone's UNI-T AQ technology features dual layer tread compounds to resist the normal tread rubber hardening that results from the heat encountered during thousands of miles of use. As the tyre wears, the special underlying high-grip rubber is exposed, helping offset the effects of wear on wet traction. The result is that UNI-T AQ keeps wet performance up even as the tread wears down.

On the outside, the Dueler H/L 683 moulds its dual layer compound into a symmetric tread pattern that has been tuned to enhance comfort. Large shoulder blocks and an interlocking center rib boost responsiveness and highway stability, while circumferential grooves, lateral notches and sipes help increase poor weather traction. On the inside, twin steel belts provide support under the tread area, while polyester cords stabilize the sidewalls and enhance ride quality.

The Dueler H/L 683 also offers excellent handling on wet and dry roads, high speed stability and manoeuvrability, and long wear life


  • CDTM
    Comprehensive Tyre Design Method- This innovative computer design technology selects the ideal combination of tread design, casing shape, materials and construction to match the customer's performance needs.
  • L.L Carbon
    Carbon is a reinforcing material that strengthens rubber. It determines the physical properties of the tread rubber - strength, resilience and tear resistance.
  • Beat
    Innovative Roundness- O-Bead changes the way the tyre interacts with the rim creating an even fit between the tyre bead and the wheel rim. Conventional tyres have a bead shape that results in less than perfect tyre-to-rim fitment. This can result in low level vibration in the steering wheel or other parts of the vehicle.


  • Braking
    Excellent braking capability to improve safety
  • Low Noise
    Tyre designed to reduce noise.
  • Wet Performance
    Exceptional handling in hazardous and wet conditions.
Sizes For This Tyre
  • 215/65 R16
  • 225/60 R18
  • 235/65 R17
  • 255/70 R15 OWT
  • 265/65 R17
  • 265/70 R16 OWT
  • 275/65 R17 OWT
  • 275/70 R16 OWT

Note: Some sizes are available on indent basis only and are subject to availability.