Tire Ecopia EP200
Ecopia EP200

High Performance goes green with the EP200. A lower rolling resistance, thanks to its unique compound and tread pattern means more fuel efficiency. EP200 also has a longer operational life and outstanding wet braking performance for a safe, sure-footed journey.

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EP100A Concept
Development Background
Our planet is crying out for respect. However, there are still many among us who do not think this way. But in the future, we believe those who respect the environment will command their own respect.
Bridgestone understands that decreasing carbon dioxide (CO2) is a key to save our planet and that 87% of a tyre’s CO2 emissions are released during use. That’s why we applied advanced technology to realize a new kind of tyre—one that combines a reduction in emissions with excellent safety performance. Try it for yourself and drive for a better future—for tomorrow, for our children, for our planet.
Ecopia EP100A
C02 emissions per 185/70R14 passenger car tyre. Total C02 emissions: 296.4kg per tyre
(Source: Japan Rubber Manufacturers Association)
EP100A Environmental Performance