Tyre Clinic
Bridgestone Tyre Clinic

1. Basic Tyre Maintenance

  • a. Why should I maintain my tyres?
    • - Having well-maintained tyres are highly beneficial to vehicle-users in the following ways:
      • 1. Prolongs tyre life span
      • 2. Lesser fuel consumption
      • 3. Safety is maximized
      • 4. More savings for the road user
  • b. How does inflation pressure affect me?
    • - There are 3 types of conditions that will affect your driving performance, tyre life span and your safety. The elaborations are stated below:
      • 1) Under-inflated tyres will reduce tour control over the vehicle, increased braking distances and tyres will wear rapidly.
      • 2) Over-inflated tyres will reduce grip, stability in braking which may lead to poorer handling.
      • 3) Correctly-inflated tyres will maximize safety, stability and improve vehicle handling.

    • i. Operating at under inflation pressure will damage the tyre in the follow ways:
      • 1) The life of the tyre will be shortened. If there are any complaints about short life of tyres, the pressure should be checked first.
      • 2) Abrasion will appear at the shoulders.
      • 3) The cord will be separated from the rubber.
      • 4) Cracks will appear on the sidewalls.
      • 5) Fuel consumption will increase.

    • ii. Operating at over inflation pressure will damage the tyre in the following ways:
      • 1. Mechanical and other issues.
      • 2. Side-slip / Wobbling of tyre.
      • 3. Cutting & shock bursting.
      • 4. Rapid abrasion of tread center.

c. Visual Check

i. Tread Surface

ii. Sidewall

iii. Tyre Valve

d. What do I need to check my tyres?

i. Remaining Tread Depth (R.T.D) Gauge

ii. Inflation Pressure Reader

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