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Explore new roads with the versatile performance of Bridgestone SUV & CUV tyres.


Bridgestone SUV/CUV tyres are designed to help you explore the exciting and sometimes challenging terrains you may encounter. Offering versatile performance capabilities, these tyres give you the confidence to explore roads less traveled. Created with a variety of uses in mind, some of our SUV/CUVtyres are engineered to help you explore rugged terrain, while others offer a smooth ride on the highway. Unique rubber compounds and tread patterns make these tyres tough with a long wear life. Whether you’re looking for a versatile all-terrain tyre, or a highway performance tyre for your daily commute, Bridgestone has you covered.

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Complement your SUV with the all-new ALENZA 001 to bring out the best in your dynamic driving experience. It is exclusively engineered for SUVs to maximise the performance potential on both wet and dry roads during city driving with confidence and comfort. No matter the journey, ALENZA 001 is designed for power and pleasure.

Bridgestone Alenza 001
Bridgestone ECOPIA

H/L 001

Experience the hallmarks of our ECOPIA range for your SUV. Confidence-inspiring grip in the wet, longer-lasting tread life, and improved fuel efficiency for real savings.

Bridgestone ECOPIA H/L 001
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H/L 422 PLUS

The Bridgestone ECOPIA EP422 is designed to maximise petrol mileage by returning energy back to the tyre and reducing heat generation. The tyre is a strong, reliable performer on wet and dry surfaces. The tyre is fitted as original equipment (OE) on selected vehicles including Toyota Harrier and Nissan X-Trail.

Bridgestone ECOPIA H/L 422 Plus - Toyota Harrier
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H/P Asymmetric

The Dueler H/P Asymmetric is designed to give luxury SUVs the driving characteristics of a high performance vehicle. Developed as original equipment for many of today’s leading car brands, the tyre delivers excellent handling, steering and in-car comfort.

Dueler High Performance Asymmetric Tyre
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H/L 400

The Dueler H/L 400 run-flat tyre is a highway tyre for luxury SUVs and 4x4s, combining performance with a quiet, comfortable ride. The tyre is fitted as original equipment on selected vehicles such as Mazda CX-9.

Dueler H/L 400 Tyre