Bridgestone Dueler H/L 33

SUV Front - Rear -

The Dueler H/L 33 is a premium highway tyre fitted as original equipment on selected luxury SUVs including Lexus RX350. For highway and city driving, it offers a quiet and comfortable ride without compromising on performance.

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Performance Information

  • Quiet Ride

  • Ride Comfort

  • Dry Performance

  • Fuel Efficiency

  • Tread Life

  • Wet Performance

Designed as a general guideline to compare products between the Bridgestone family of products. Based on the technologies featured in each and not on performance testing data.


  • Comfort

    Sedan like comfort on the open road

  • Reduced road noise

    Reduced road noise for a smooth and comfortable drive

  • Excellent grip

    Excellent grip in wet and dry conditions

  • Outstanding stability

    Outstanding stability and steering response

  • Rolling resistance

    Reduced rolling resistance for better fuel economy


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Code Tyre Size Appr. Rim Width Service Desc Overall Tyre Diameter Tread Depth Revs KM
PSR13805 225/60R18 0.0 100H 730.0 8.0 0
PSR13817 235/55R18 0.0 100V 716.0 8.0 0
PSR13670 235/55R19 0.0 101V 741.0 8.0 0
PSR14059 235/55R20 0.0 102V 769.0 8.0 0
PSR12753 235/60R18 0.0 103V 740.0 8.0 0
PSR14039 235/65R18 0.0 106V 767.0 8.0 0

Highway tyre for SUV

  • Original equipment for selected vehicles
  • Smooth and quiet
  • Comfortable ride
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