Road Sport Battlax BT-016 Hypersport
Road Sport
Tire Road Sport Battlax BT-016 Hypersport

Sporty Handling
The 3LC/5LC woth new tread pattern on optimal profile and construction provides linear and sporty handling for a range sport bikes.

Sure Contact Feel (Front and Rear)
The new developement approach for BT-016 contributes to the richer feedback and more secure feel in all conditions.

Stability (High and low speeds) (Fron and Read MS-BELT)
The steel MS-BELT construction applied to front and rear tyres absorbs sudden input from bumps and offers high stability nd excellent line-holding in corners.

Mileage (Front 3LC & pattern/Rear 5LC & pattern)
The 3LC/5LC provides regular wear while optimised pattern design provides much longer wear life than the ex-sport tyre (BT-014) in any riding mode.

Less Noise
The new pattern design achieves a noticble reduction in tread noise.

Sizes For This Tyre


Pattern Tyre Size TL/TT Meas. Rim Appr. Rim
BT-016 130/70Z 16 T/L 61W M/C 3.50 3.50-4.00
BT-016 110/70Z 17 T/L 54W M/C 3.00 2.75-3.50
BT-016 120/70Z 17 T/L 55W M/C 3.50 3.00-3.50
BT-016 120/70Z 17 T/L 58W M/C 3.50 3.00-3.50


Pattern Tyre Size TL/TT Meas. Rim Appr. Rim
BT-016 150/60Z 17 T/L 66W M/C 4.50 4.00-4.50
BT-016 160/60Z 17 T/L 69W M/C 4.50 4.00-5.00
BT-016 170/60Z 17 T/L 72W M/C 5.50 4.50-5.50
BT-016 180/55Z 17 T/L 73W M/C 5.50 5.50-6.00
BT-016 190/50Z 17 T/L 73W M/C 6.00 5.50-6.00
BT-016 160/60Z 18 T/L 70W M/C 4.50 4.50-5.00

Note: Some sizes are available on indent basis only and are subject to availability.