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What is Bandag?It's all about saving and safety.

Total tyre offering

Bridgestone's acquisition of Bandag Incorporated, the leading company in the retread industry was completed on May 31, the new company's name is Bridgestone Bandag (BSBD). This is the second-largest acquisition made by the Bridgestone Group, following the takeover of Firestone in 1988.

Roy Carver

BANDAG, INC, America's leading retread company was founded in 1957 by Roy Carver who discovered the cold retread method in Germany after World War II and bought the rights to use this technology in North America.

What is retreaded tyre?

When a tyre has reached its intended service life (the first service life from new), whatever is left of the worn tread surface is removed and fresh new tread is attached, giving the tyre a new life. Retreading is the process that allows the tyre casing to be reused, to extend the useable life of the tyre.

Save Cost, Safety, Eco-Friendly
Reduce running cost

More often than not, tyre casings are usually still in good condition even after the main treads have worn out. Thus, the service life of tyre casing can be maximised through retreading.

At Bridgestone Bandag, we help you to significantly stretch your original investment dollar through retreading. And immediately reducing operating costs while maintaining performance and safety.

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Safety with performance

Safety is the priority at Bridgestone Bandag. Out of the 10 steps in our retread process, 4 initial steps are focused on inspecting the used tyre and determining if it is the right candidate for retreading. The retreading process itself includes a final inspection to ensure safety. That's not all. Customers of Bridgestone Bandag also enjoy regular after-sales safety inspection by our trained technicians. Retread tyres are inspected for wear and tear as well as maintenance and advice on the correct use of retread tyres. This is the Bridgestone Bandag commitment to ensuring utmost safety for our users.

Environmental protection

Protection resources diagramCompared to new tyres, retread tyres require only 32% of the petroleum resources for production. Less than 1/2 of the rubber needed to make a new tyre is used to make a retread. Using retreads leads to reductions in CO2 emissions in the production process.

Retreading tyres also reduces the amount of industrial wastes. Bridgestone Bandag's retreading process minimises the environmental impact on our planet.

Total Tyre Solution

B solutionIntegrated Solution For Fleet Owners
Bridgestone's B solution is a total-solution service for truck and bus fleet owners. By providing an all-in-one service from buying, maintenance, roadside service, recycling to retreading of tyres, B Solution is a one-stop service that will help to reduce operating costs and downtime.


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