Run Flat Tyre Technology
Bridgestone Technology

The Next Level of Safety

Ever since the car was adopted as the chief method of transportation for mankind, drivers have had to continuously deal with the danger of flat tyres. Bridgestone recognizes the importance of helping to raise the level of safety for cars around the world and so has pursued ways to overcome flat tyres.

These efforts have resulted in the revolutionary tyre technology known as Run Flat tyre.
The Run Flat tyre Technology does away with concerns about flat tyres. 80% of flat tyre incidents involves a gradual release of the tyre pressure. Therefore, Bridgestone set out to design a tyre that enables safe driving from the point at which a tyre puncture occurs until the driver can bring the car to a safe location.

RFT - Run Flat tyre

What would you do if your tyre got a puncture?
Bridgestone has produced a tyre that will allow you to drive 80 km at a speed of 90 km/h, even with a puncture.

Which means that:
• Even with a puncture, it's possible to move your car to a safety place.
• You are freed from the tedious and at times dangerous task of having to change the tyre
by yourself, then and there.
• There's no need to carry a spare tyre, which means extra free space in the car.
• Being lighter one spare wheel, your car uses less fuel.

Run Flat Tyre Technology