Redeem NTUC Vouchers when you purchase Bridgestone Tyres!

Exclusively for Mazda Owners

Mazda New Year Promotion 2024
Mazda New Year Promotion 2024


Mazda 3 on 215/45 R18
Mazda 6 on 225/55 R17 ; 225/45 R19

TURANZA T005A delivers greater comfort, superior quietness and assured safety for both short and long-distance journeys.


Mazda 2 on 185/60 R16

ECOPIA EP300 is built using improved technologies for an extended wear life, safer performance in wet conditions and lower rolling resistance that promotes excellent fuel efficiency.


Mazda CX-30 on 215/55 R18 XL
Mazda CX-9 on 245/50 R20 or 255/50 R20 XL

ALENZA 001 is exclusively engineered for SUVs to maximise the handling performance potential on both wet and dry roads during city driving with confidence and comfort.


By participating in this sales promotion, you agree to be bound by the following Terms & Conditions. Among other things, acceptance of any NTUC Vouchers or Bridgestone Power Bank constitutes participation in this sales promotion.


1.       Sales Promotion Overview

1.1.    From 1 January 2024 – 29 February 2024, purchase eligible Bridgestone passenger tyres from any of the participating Trans Eurokars outlets and comply with the terms and conditions stated herein to redeem the NTUC Voucher(s).

1.2.    NTUC Vouchers will be issued by the participating Trans Eurokars outlets at the point and time of purchase. The corresponding NTUC voucher amounts are:-

·              Redeem $20 NTUC vouchers for every purchase of 2 eligible Bridgestone passenger tyres; or

·              Redeem $20 NTUC vouchers and an exclusive Bridgestone Power Bank for every purchase of 4 eligible Bridgestone passenger tyres

1.3.    This sales promotion is only applicable to Bridgestone passenger car tyres sold by participating Trans Eurokars outlets.


2.       Eligibility

2.1.    To redeem the NTUC Voucher(s), customer must:

·              Purchase Bridgestone passenger tyre(s)

·              Complete the redemption form on the spot of purchase and provide the participating Trans Eurokars outlets with such information as may be required by them to verify the purchase.

2.2.    The NTUC Vouchers will be offered for the purchase of:

·              POTENZA Tyre Models (S001)

·              TURANZA Tyre Models (T001, T005A)

·              ECOPIA Tyre Models (EP300, H/L 422 Plus)

·              ALENZA Tyre Models (AL01)

·              DUELER Tyre Models (H/L 400)

2.3.    This sales promotion is ONLY open to drivers of Mazda cars who are existing customers of Trans EuroKars.

2.4.    This sales promotion is NOT valid in conjunction with other promotions, discounts or privileges carried out by Bridgestone Tyre Sales Singapore Pte Ltd or any of the Bridgestone Authorised Tyre Dealers.


3.       Tyre Warranty

3.1.    Bridgestone passenger tyres are warranted against manufacturing defects for five (5) years from the date of manufacture of each tyre. For more details on Bridgestone warranty’s terms and conditions, please visit https://www.bridgestone.com.sg/en/customer-care/tyre-warranty-policy .

3.2.    Bridgestone Tyre Sales Singapore Pte Ltd DOES NOT offer any warranty for parallel-imported tyres.

3.3.    Save for compensation that is based on our warranty policy, Bridgestone tyre Sales Singapore Pte Ltd will not be liable to you for any amount that may arise from your participation or non-participation in this promotion.


4.       Privacy Policies

4.1.    For purposes of this promotion, Bridgestone Tyres Sales Singapore Pte Ltd and/or Trans Eurokars Pte Ltd may collect your personal data to verify your purchase and /or follow up with any related queries. Save for such purposes, Bridgestone Tyres Sales Singapore Pte Ltd  does not disclose, transfer or lend the personal information you submit to any third party.

4.2.    By providing such personal data, if any, you agree that Bridgestone Tyre Sales Singapore Pte Ltd may contact you for purposes related to this promotion.

4.3.    If you have any further questions relating to our use of your personal data, please feel free to contact us via our website https://www.bridgestone.com.sg/en


5.       Miscellaneous

5.1.    In the event of any fraud and/or suspected fraud, Bridgestone Tyres Sales Singapore Pte Ltd reserves the right to conduct its own investigations, refer the matter to the police for their further investigation and/or take other steps necessary to preserve the integrity of this sales promotion.

5.2.    Bridgestone Tyre Sales Singapore Pte Ltd reserves the right to amend these Terms & Conditions, including the NTUC vouchers being offered to replace it with something else and/or terminate this sales promotion early without prior notice.

5.3.    These Terms & Conditions will be governed by the laws of Singapore. In the case of any disputes in relation to this sales promotion, the customer and Bridgestone Tyres Sales Singapore Pte Ltd will engage in good faith negotiations to resolve such dispute, failing which the decision of Bridgestone Tyres Sales Singapore Pte Ltd will be final and binding.