Spot & Win 2022

@bridgestonesg Facebook Giveaway

From now till 15 January 2023, participate in Bridgestone's giveaway campaign and stand a chance to win a Bridgestone Power Bank.

Spot & Win 2022

Spot the differences between the two photos and be one of the 8 lucky winners to win an exclusive Bridgestone power bank!

Hint: There are 3 differences in total.

Terms & Conditions

By participating in this giveaway organised by Bridgestone Tyre Sales Singapore Pte Ltd (“Bridgestone”), you agree to be bound by the following Terms & Conditions: -


1.      Giveaway Campaign Overview

From 28 December to 15 January 2023, participate in Bridgestone’s giveaway campaign as detailed herein and stand a chance to win a Bridgestone Power Bank.


2.     Eligibility

2.1   This giveaway campaign is open to all Singaporeans aged 18 years old and above.

2.2  This giveaway is NOT open to:

·        Staff and immediate family of Bridgestone

·        Staff and immediate family of Bridgestone Authorised Dealers

·        Vendors, agencies and temporary staff involved in this giveaway

2.3  Only comments under the contest post with the correct answer made from 28 December to 15 January 2023 11.59pm (SGT) will be considered.

2.4  All prizes can be redeemed at a local collection point. Winners will receive the address of the collection point via a private message.


3.     Giveaway Campaign Details

3.1   To stand to win a Bridgestone Power Bank, contestant must provide the correct answers for all three (3) differences in the comments section of the contest Facebook post.

3.2  Any offensive, inappropriate and/or defamatory comments will not be considered valid entries and Bridgestone reserves the right to hide or remove such comments.

3.3  Contestants in the giveaway campaign represent and warrant that all post entries or comments made do not infringe on the rights of any party, including but not limited to intellectual property rights. Each contestant shall indemnify Bridgestone against any claims, liability, damages, costs and expenses incurred by Bridgestone arising out of or in connection with any such infringement (including legal costs on a solicitor-client basis).

3.4  Contestants in the giveaway campaign agree to release, discharge and hold Bridgestone, their employees, officers, directors, representatives and social media management or marketing agencies harmless from any claims, losses, and damages arising out of their participation in this giveaway campaign.


4.     Publicity 

4.1   In relation to this giveaway campaign, Bridgestone may publicise the winner's information, including the winner’s name or display name in Facebook.

4.2  The winners assign the intellectual property rights relating to all entry content to Bridgestone unconditionally and Bridgestone is allowed to use such material as it deems fit, including to publish the comments of the winners on Bridgestone’s websites, press and/or any other media, without further reference to the winner. Save as stated in Clause 3.2, Bridgestone will not be under any obligation to publicize or share such Instagram Story or material.

4.3  Bridgestone shall have the right to create derivative works from the entries submitted for the giveaway campaign without compensation to any contestant.

4.4  By participating in this giveaway campaign (ie. doing what has been said in Clause 3.1), the contestant agrees that all information included in his/her posting is public information and consents to Bridgestone reposting or sharing such information including but not limited to, on its social media platforms.


5.     Winner Selection

5.1   Bridgestone will, based on the correct answers in the comments section select no more than 8 winners at its sole discretion.

5.2  All decisions made by Bridgestone in relation to the winners will be final once they are announced by Bridgestone and notified to the winners.  

5.3  Winners will be selected and contacted via Facebook Direct Message between 15 to 31 January 2023.

5.4  Winners who do not respond to our Facebook Direct Message within 48 hours will not be eligible to receive the prize. Bridgestone reserves the right to select replacement winners at its sole discretion.


6.     Prize

6.1   Prizes are not exchangeable for cash money.

6.2  The prizes are awarded on an “as is” basis and all warranties, express or implied, are disclaimed. Where the prize is subject to its own terms and conditions for usage, these shall continue to apply.

6.3  Bridgestone will only communicate with the selected prize winner via Facebook Direct Message.

6.4  Bridgestone reserves the right to substitute the prize for any other prize of equal or greater value. 


7.     Personal Data

7.1   Through the giveaway campaign, Bridgestone will collect and use the contestant’s personal data. By submitting an entry for consideration in this giveaway campaign, the contestant agrees to the following use of his/her personal data:-

(a)    the contestant’s name, display name as indicated on Facebook, and other basic identifiers as provided on Facebook may be used by Bridgestone in the administering of this giveaway campaign, including but not limited to, the announcement of the winners and/or publicity of this giveaway campaign in subsequent publicity material;

(b)   the contestant’s name, display name as indicated on Facebook and photograph for Bridgestone’s marketing, planning, promotions, research, events and general business purposes;

(c)    information provided by the contestant as part of the submission or available publicly on Facebook may be shared with Bridgestone’s authorised marketing and/or social media management agencies for purposes of administering the giveaway campaign, marketing, planning, promotions and research purposes.

7.2  If contestants have any queries relating to their use of personal data, the contestant may contact us via Facebook Direct Message at bridgestonesg.


8.     Disclaimer

8.1   Bridgestone will not be responsible for lost, late, incomplete, misdirected, delayed or undelivered entries, including without limitation entries not timely received due to telephone failures, internet failures and disruptions.

8.2  Incomplete information may result in disqualification of entry. Such entries will not be considered and Bridgestone will be under no obligation to inform the contestant of such incomplete information and/or disqualification.

8.3  This giveaway campaign is not sponsored, endorsed, administered or associated with giveaways and contests held by Bridgestone are in no way affiliated and endorsed by Instagram, Inc. and/or Meta Platforms., Inc.


9.     Miscellaneous

9.1   In the event of any fraud and/or suspected fraud, Bridgestone reserves the right to conduct its own investigations, refer the matter to the police for their further investigation and/or take other steps necessary to preserve the integrity of this giveaway campaign.

9.2  Bridgestone reserves the right to amend these Terms & Conditions and/or terminate this giveaway campaign early without prior notice.

9.3  These Terms & Conditions will be governed by the laws of Singapore. In the case of any disputes in relation to this giveaway, the contestant and Bridgestone will engage in good faith negotiations to resolve such dispute, failing which the decision of Bridgestone will be final and binding.