An illustrious automaker with a history that dates back to the year 1916, BMW has made a name for itself in the past 100 years as a German maker of motorcycles and sporty cars. Today, BMW is rated the 17th most valuable brand worldwide with a brand value of over US$41 billion, on par with industrial giants such as Shell Petroleum and Wells Fargo Bank.

Once a customer enters the BMW ecosystem, there’s virtually no reason to leave – with lots and lots of variety on offer, BMW’s global model count is in the triple digits, thanks to the stunning variety of vehicle sizes, body styles, and engines.

The model range begins with the original numerical models such as the BMW 3-series and BMW 7-series, followed by the SUV models which are distinguished by an ‘X’ prefix on their model name, such as the BMW X1 and BMW X5. The latest addition to the model lineup are the electric vehicles, distinguished by the ‘i’ prefix such as the BMW i3 and BMW i8.

Sharing the same vision of performance, innovation and sustainable mobility, it’s thus no surprise that BMW has chosen to enter into a partnership with Bridgestone to equip their vehicles with our equally wide range of tyre products. From the eco-friendly ECOPIA range to the performance-oriented POTENZA range, there’s a Bridgestone tyre to suit each BMW model.


BMW Star Mark

As a major car manufacturer, BMW specifies several tyre models as Original Equipment and Original Equipment replacements with the BMW Star Mark. Tyre manufacturers such as Bridgestone work closely with BMW to develop the tyre in parallel with the vehicle, and each tyre is adapted in a targeted manner to the vehicle’s concept.

These tyres bearing the BMW Star Mark have been designed to meet BMW’s stringent requirements, offering optimum comfort, safety and rolling resistance. In addition, BMW specifies that Star Marked tyres must have the run-flat technology ability – specifically, the ability to travel up to a maximum speed of 80km/h over a maximum distance of 80km in the event of a tyre puncture. 



Available in two variants – the regular BMW i3, and the slightly sportier BMW i3s – BMW’s first mainstream electric vehicle has been available on the market since 2014 as a solution for someone looking to reduce their carbon output, yet wanting to retain a touch of flair.

Powering the BMW i3 is an electric motor producing 170bhp, or 184bhp in BMW i3s flavour. A range extender – a small 647cc two-cylinder engine producing 38bhp – adds approximately 100km of range to the electric-only model’s 180km.

The latest BMW i3 comes equipped with Bridgestone ECOPIA EP500 in the 155/70 R19 size, helping the BMW i3 offer a quiet and comfortable ride befitting a premium electric vehicle, while reducing energy consumption to maximise the car’s usable range.



Originally presented as the BMW Vision EfficientDynamics concept car at the 2009 International Motor Show Germany, the BMW i8 was finally unveiled in production form at the same motor show six years later.

Powering the BMW i8 is a combination of a 231bhp, 1.5-litre turbocharged engine driving the rear wheels, coupled with a 143bhp electric motor driving the front wheels. Three different driving modes are selectable thanks to the unique drivetrain – allowing the driver to select all-wheel drive for maximum performance, electric-only for maximum efficiency, or a combination of both for fuss-free motoring.

The latest BMW i8 comes equipped with Bridgestone POTENZA S001 in the 215/45 R20 (front) and 245/40 R20 (rear) sizes, helping the BMW i8 make the most of its all-wheel drive drivetrain, dishing out fun and agility in an environmentally friendly package.



Despite being BMW’s smallest SUV, the BMW X1 has been lauded as the best all-rounder in its class, offering excellent cabin comfort and enthusiastic handling – with the bonus of multiple engine and drivetrain layout options to suit every need.

Powering the BMW X1 is a range of petrol and diesel engines ranging from 114bhp to 231bhp, displacing either 1.5- or 2-litres and garnished with a turbocharger.

The latest BMW X1 comes equipped with Bridgestone TURANZA T001 RFT in various sizes including the 225/50 R18 size, helping the BMW X1 offer a quiet and comfortable ride during daily driving, yet offering surefooted handling when driven enthusiastically.



With over 30% of BMW sales represented by their ‘X’ SUV model range, BMW engineers have gone all out to keep the BMW X3 competitive against its rivals. The latest BMW X3 reflects their efforts, offering ample grunt and a roomy cabin to keep both driver and passengers satisfied.

Powering the BMW X3 is a range of petrol and diesel engines ranging from 181bhp to 355bhp, displacing either 2- or 3-litres and garnished with a turbocharger.

The latest BMW X3 comes equipped with Bridgestone ALENZA 001 RFT in various sizes including the 275/35 R21 size, helping the BMW X3 dish out fun in the corners, yet remain supple over bumps and uneven road surfaces.



The BMW 7 Series has been BMW’s flagship model since 1977, showcasing technologies and exterior design cues that typically trickle down to lesser models in the BMW model lineup. 

Powering the BMW 7 Series is a range of petrol and diesel engines ranging from 230bhp to 602bhp, with displacement ranging from 2- to 6.6-litres and turbocharged.

The latest BMW 7 Series comes equipped with Bridgestone POTENZA S001 RFT in various sizes including the 245/45 R19 size, allowing the stately BMW 7 Series to cruise along in an isolated silence befitting a flagship luxury sedan.


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Photo credit: BMW Asia