This Sports Coupe, on POTENZA Sport, is a daily commuter and gymkhana machine all in one.


Charwin chose the POTENZA Sports, Bridgestone’s flagship premium high performance tyre, in the tyre sizes 225/40 R18 for his Subaru BRZ.

A car is many things to a person; the freedom to commute anywhere you need to, convenience for a quick grocery trip, or help you facilitate many daily tasks.

For some, a car is means of transport, a place of solace, a space where family and friends share a drive together. For Charwin though, it's all that and more. 

Aside from using it as a daily family ride, he takes his car to many gymkhana (an event where drivers must manoeuver through a predetermined "track" performing many different driving techniques) sessions. Which makes his choice of a Subaru BRZ an obvious one.


my wife got pregnant and I had to put that plan on hold for a while

"When I was searching for a car. I was looking for an affordable rear-wheel-driven one with 4 seats. I actually viewed a couple of Toyota 86s and a BRZ a few years ago, but then my wife got pregnant and I had to put that plan on hold for a while. By the time I was ready to buy one, this BRZ was the only unit available, and I've had it for one and a half years since." 

drives the BRZ to driving events

Charwin drives the BRZ daily, he uses it to transport his mountain bikes, fetch his kids, do groceries and also his driving events.

Taking a car through its paces in a gymkhana event is no easy task. Both driver and car are often required to negotiate tight turns and drive around obstacles in a time-based trial to complete the circuit. This puts a lot of stress on the tyres and a mix of both grip and progressive sliding is required from the rubbers used.

"When used in gymkhana and autocross events, the POTENZA Sport tyres serve a good level of grip and do not make my car snap sideways suddenly, it is more progressive, controllable and predictable. This allowed me to focus more on my steering input and technique." Charwin explains.

But how do the tyres perform on a regular basis?

able to push my car more than usual in corners

"To me, tyres are the most important component of the car that either lets you drive in confidence or puts you in a dangerous situation. When I first had the POTENZA Sport tyres on, the first thing I noticed was how quiet these tyres are. Specced in 225/40 R18 front and rear, the wet weather grip is also really awesome and is super grippy even with some spirited driving on wet roads. Overall, It performs really well and I was able to push my car more than usual in corners." 

mistook his car for a Toyota Supra

Since taking ownership of the car, Charwin has given special attention to rebuilding the engine and adding a new coat of yellow paint. He also dressed up the exterior with a side skirt, front lip and a spoiler. Someone even mistook his car for a Toyota Supra!

"I've also fitted a new (and quieter) exhaust system, as the previous exhaust system was very loud. It was hard to even go out at night without everyone staring at me!" he jokes with a laugh.

Having a car that can carry out both family duties and fulfil his appetite for circuit driving is a dream come true for Charwin. Most importantly, the POTENZA Sport are the choice tyres that enable him to them all safely.