Bridgestone Turanza T001

Touring Front - Rear -

The TURANZA T001 was developed with luxury touring in mind and is original equipment on prestige cars including Mercedes-Benz and Mazda 6. The tyre combines a unique tread design with noise reduction technology to deliver superior performance and ride comfort.

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From S$237

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Performance Information

  • Quiet Ride

  • Ride Comfort

  • Fuel Efficiency

  • Tread Life

  • Dry Performance

  • Wet Performance

Designed as a general guideline to compare products between the Bridgestone family of products. Based on the technologies featured in each and not on performance testing data.


  • Wide main groove

    Minimise risk of hydroplaning


    Unparalleled performance in the wet and good rolling resistance

  • Flat contact patch tread profile

    Reduced irregular wear

  • Slim high bead filler

    Better handling and comfort

  • High-angle blocks

    Superior braking

  • 5 degree noise reduction

    Reduced road noise


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Code Tyre Size Appr. Rim Width LOAD INDEX & SPEED RATING Overall Tyre Diameter Tread Depth Recommended Retail Price ($) Homologation Original Equipment
PSR0P351 215/45 R16 XL 0.0 90V 0.0 0.0 $ 247 Audi A1
PSR0G266 215/60 R16 0.0 95V 0.0 0.0 $ 284 Audi Q2
PSR0P363 225/40 R18 XL 0.0 92W 0.0 0.0 $ 279 MOExtended Mercedes Benz A/B-Class
PSR12895 225/45 R17 0.0 91W 635.0 7.7 $ 306 Lexus IS200T Turbo
PSR0P234 225/45 R17 0.0 091W 0.0 0.0 $ 264 MOExtended Mercedes Benz A/B-Class
PSR12865 225/45 R19 0.0 92W 687.0 8.0 $ 391 Mazda 6
PSR0P312 225/50 R17 0.0 094W 0.0 0.0 $ 268 MOExtended Mercedes Benz C-Class

Recommended Retail Prices listed above are in Singapore Dollar (SGD) and excludes installation charge or other tyres related services such as wheel alignment, etc.

Original equipment for Mercedes-Benz and Mazda 6

  • Mercedes-Benz Original Extended on selected sizes
  • Reduced road noise
  • Touring comfort
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Customer Review




“I feel that the Turanza T001 really fit the bill as a luxury touring tyre – they excel not just solely in comfort aspects, but manage to blend comfort, dry grip, and fuel efficiency in an all-rounded package.”