Bridgestone Turanza T001

Touring Front - Rear -

The TURANZA T001 was developed with luxury touring in mind and is original equipment on prestige cars including Mercedes-Benz and Mazda 6. The tyre combines a unique tread design with noise reduction technology to deliver superior performance and ride comfort.

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Performance Information

  • Quiet Ride

  • Ride Comfort

  • Fuel Efficiency

  • Tread Life

  • Dry Performance

  • Wet Performance

Designed as a general guideline to compare products between the Bridgestone family of products. Based on the technologies featured in each and not on performance testing data.


  • Wide main groove

    Minimise risk of hydroplaning


    Unparalleled performance in the wet and good rolling resistance

  • Flat contact patch tread profile

    Reduced irregular wear

  • Slim high bead filler

    Better handling and comfort

  • High-angle blocks

    Superior braking

  • 5 degree noise reduction

    Reduced road noise


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Code Tyre Size Appr. Rim Width LOAD INDEX & SPEED RATING Overall Tyre Diameter Tread Depth Recommended Retail Price ($) Homologation Original Equipment
PSR0P351 215/45R16 XL 0.0 90V 0.0 0.0 $ 216 Audi A1
PSR0G266 215/60R16 0.0 95V 0.0 0.0 $ 247 Audi Q2
PSR0P363 225/40R18 XL 0.0 92W 0.0 0.0 $ 243 MOExtended Mercedes Benz A/B-Class
PSR12895 225/45R17 0.0 91W 635.0 7.7 $ 266 Lexus IS200T Turbo
PSR0P234 225/45R17 0.0 091W 0.0 0.0 $ 229 MOExtended Mercedes Benz A/B-Class
PSR14690 225/45R17 XL 0.0 94W 634.0 8.1 $ 184 "Lexus NX200
PSR12865 225/45R19 0.0 92W 687.0 8.0 $ 341 Mazda 6
PSR0P312 225/50R17 0.0 094W 0.0 0.0 $ 233 MOExtended Mercedes Benz C-Class
PSR0D711 225/55R18 0.0 98V 0.0 0.0 $ 216 Jeep Compass

Recommended Retail Prices listed above are in Singapore Dollar (SGD) and excludes installation charge or other tyres related services such as wheel alignment, etc.

Original equipment for Mercedes-Benz and Mazda 6

  • Mercedes-Benz Original Extended on selected sizes
  • Reduced road noise
  • Touring comfort
Turanza T001 Key Visual

Customer Review




“I feel that the Turanza T001 really fit the bill as a luxury touring tyre – they excel not just solely in comfort aspects, but manage to blend comfort, dry grip, and fuel efficiency in an all-rounded package.”