Bridgestone Turanza T005

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The Turanza T005 is designed to help you to stay in control, even in challenging driving conditions. Offering best-in-class braking and cornering, even on rainy days. Selected as original equipment on prestige cars including Audi A3.

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Performance Information

  • Quiet Ride

  • Ride Comfort

  • Dry Performance

  • Tread Life

  • Wet Performance

  • Fuel Efficiency

Designed as a general guideline to compare products between the Bridgestone family of products. Based on the technologies featured in each and not on performance testing data.


  • Synergy of Nano Pro-tech™ and Pattern

    Enhanced wet grip by combining new technology, Nano Pro-tech™ and pattern design. The synergy of pattern and compound improves silica dispersion and maximises adhesion during braking.

  • Optimised Carcass Construction & New Materials

    Enhanced carcass offers superior handling, premium durability and lower rolling resistance. Side construction has been optimised for better comfort.

  • Optimised Pattern Design

    Sipe edges are rounded to prevent deformation to ensure flat contact area of the tyre and road, improving wet braking performance. Chamfered sipes also increase the tyre resistance to deformation which extends the tyre lifespan.


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Code Tyre Size Appr. Rim Width Service Desc Overall Tyre Diameter Tread Depth Revs KM
PSR0P4353 205/55R16 0.0 91W 632.0 0.0 0
PSR159143 225/45R19 0.0 92W 686.0 0.0 0
PSR158823 225/55R17 0.0 97V 680.0 0.0 0

Superior safety and comfort

  • Improved wet performance
  • Superior performance
  • Premium durability

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