Adopting tyre retreading as a holistic means to manage scarcity by recycling and conserving resources.

At Bridgestone, we actively search for solutions to overcome land and resource degradation, depletion and scarcity. Our retreading of tyres – where tyres are given a new lease of life instead of being replaced by new tyres – is a big step towards being more sustainable.

In retreading, up to 75% of our tyre material is recycled and reused through a sustainable production process. In 2021 alone, the use of Bandag retreads saved over 94 million gallons of oil, 186 million pounds of tyre waste – enough to power 168 million homes for a day.*

As natural resource extraction takes a heavy toll on Earth, we are conducting experimental trials on recycled materials to reduce our dependence on other raw materials – including synthetic rubber. All such efforts are aligned to our Long-Term Environmental Vision 2050 of valuing natural resources and using more sustainable materials.