Deploying retreading technology to reduce carbon emissions and lower energy cost by 30% compared to new tyre production.

Bandag, a subsidiary of Bridgestone, is a market leader in retreading used tyres. This gives us a distinct advantage to lead the way in sustainable solutions.

Essentially, retreading is a re-manufacturing process that replaces the thread on worn tyres. Through retreading, existing tyres are given new life without any compromise on quality.

Compared to the manufacturing of new tyres, Bandag’s retreading process uses approximately only 30% of energy costs compared to new tyre production. Our unique cold curing retreading process allows for more retreads.

Also, because there is a significant reduction in the use of raw materials in the retreading process, there is a reduced strain and demand for products such as rubber and oil, extracting less from limited energy resources.

Since 1957, Bandag has saved an estimated 300 million tyres from entering the waste stream by retreading, saving an estimated 4 billion gallons of oil – enough to fill over 6,000 Olympic-sized pools. This is a substantive step towards reducing carbon footprint.