Road Safety


Ease is Critical for Long Term Sustainable Road Use
True ease of mobility should be about much more than just convenient movement. Comfort and peace of mind for drivers, passengers, and all road users are equally, if not more important and, is in fact, critical for long-term, sustainable use of roads.

Making a Real Difference to People’s Lives
By leading collaborations with local partners across the APAC region, Bridgestone has helped make treacherous routes more accessible and ensured that neighbourhood streets are liveable, safe, and sustainable.

Enhancing Road Safety Education, One Project at a Time
We are also active in enhancing road safety education through numerous local projects across the region because we truly believe that awareness and best practices can play a significant role to deliver a world where everyone can experience convenient and comfortable travel with peace of mind.


Empowering Communities is Important
Empowerment enables drivers, road users, and the communities they live in to make the choices that provide better accessibility and benefit from the ability to commute safely and with dignity.

Reskilling and Creating New Opportunities for All
Through collaborative projects with government bodies, industry associations and other corporations, Bridgestone has empowered local communities to re-skill, train, and to create new employment as well as adopt useful, and new technology.

Promoting Student Advocacy to Reinforce Responsible Road Safety Behaviour
Our road safety education programmes empower students to become advocates in their communities, spread, and reinforce the road safety message and ultimately empower everyone in the community to become safe and responsible road users. These programmes are currently running in Australia and New Zealand, China, Singapore, and Thailand.