The story of Niken, who shared about his love for Hondas with us as we got to know him better over the course of this feature.


Niken chose the POTENZA Adrenalin RE004, Bridgestone’s street performance tyre, in the tyre sizes 235/40 R18 for his Honda Civic 1.6.

We all get our influence from somewhere. Some of us like music because our parents tuned in to the radio everywhere they went. Some of us love sports because we participated in competitive games with a bunch of good friends, and have not looked back ever since.

Such is the story of Niken, who shared about his love for Hondas with us as we got to know him better over the course of this feature.

In fact, his passion for Hondas is so honest and unadulterated, we’ve decided to take a slightly different approach with this interview and allowed him to share more about his passion as we posed some questions to him.

What's your dream car if money was not an issue?

It would have to be the Honda Civic Type R (FD2).

Our family grew up with Hondas, owing to Dad being a Honda person and owning several Civics (including the current one). He's had a normal FD2 Civic 2.0 for nine years and wouldn't stop raving about how nice it was to drive.

He was also always telling me and my brothers about how much better the Civic Type R was compared to his own car. So you couple that with all the Best Motoring (a Japanese video reviews series) road tests and the units we see roaming the roads in SG, the Civic Type R quickly became idolised in my eyes and it has been that way until now. 

Where would your next long-distance trip be to?

My family is hoping to take our Honda Civic up to Bangkok. Recently, mum & dad have already taken it on a round peninsular Malaysia road trip, passing by the Thai border along the way through Bukit Bunga. So the logical next step for us would be to cross it into Thailand, but that will have to wait for the next big adventure. 

How did you get into cars?

My love for cars started with my family, namely my dad & uncles, who were all into cars one way or another. Being surrounded by car people certainly had its effect on me, especially from my dad, which is clear, from my answer to the first question (laughs).

Who do you share your love for cars with?

Currently, I still share my enthusiasm for cars with my family, namely dad and my brothers. But that passion extends to a close groups of friends that I've met through my time in the NUS FSAE Team & Motoring Club.

I count myself quite lucky to have a group of people close to me that share similar interests, allowing us to do many things like go on road trips, attend F1 watch parties and just spend the day or evening hanging out and talking about cars.

If you could eliminate one car from having ever been produced, what model would you pick?

I would pick the BMW 4 Series GranCoupe. It’s a 4-door car, that is based on the 4 Series Coupe (which is a 2-door car), which is based on the 3 Series (a 4-door car). So why not just get a 3 series in the first place?

Back to tyres, what do you like about your Bridgestone POTENZA Adrenalin RE004 rubbers?

They’re surprisingly quiet and comfortable for high performance tyres. I would definitely recommend them to anyone who enjoys spirited drives, yet want something for everyday drivability.


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"Excellent service! Even cleaned my rims during the tyre change process"