Potenza RE003

Potenza RE003
Dry-handling performance
Wide center rib
  Rib is designed at inside of the tyre centerline for precise handling and cornering performance.
Curve grove-wall enforcement
  Enabled rigid tyre center rib against lateral force and offers precise cornering performance.
Connection block
  Shortened lug grooves offer highly rigid shoulder blocks. Powerfull traction and upgraded handling stability are led by new construction especially in dry cornering.

Triple & half groove
  Is a combination of three main and sporty half grooves. This construction offers optimised overall rigidity and quick initial response.
In addition, more even road contact surface of RE003 (see bottom) provides better cornering, braking in wet conditions and even less irregular wear.

Wet-handling performance
Silica-based compound
  Is the new improved compound by maintaining dry handling and even better wet handling.
Pulse groove
  Is waved groove design, technology through motorsports tyre development, adopted for better drainage and anti-hydroplaning performance.

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