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This aggressive-looking sedan, on TURANZA T005A, is the new driver’s foray into the vast world of car ownership.

Aesthetics are Everything | Ethan’s Mazda3 Sedan

Ethan choose TURANZA T005A, Bridgestone comfort tyre, in the 215/45R18 size for his Mazda3 sedan.

Automotive styling cues, like it or not, are constantly changing and evolving.

Automotive designers are like a sandwiched bunch. On one front, they need to satisfy the wants of customers – sleeker, distinctive, and more stylish designs. On another hand, they’re also under pressure from the bean counters to keep production costs to a minimum. Moreover, let’s not forget government safety regulations, which dictate everything from bonnet height to wing mirror designs.

Different car manufacturers have coped differently with these restrictions. Some, in a bid to improve pedestrian safety, have decided to shrink their cars’ design features and add a large expanse of soft plastic. Others have gone for a bolder look, with large grilles and slim headlights. 

Amongst various manufacturers, Japanese manufacturer Mazda is one that falls firmly into the latter camp. Their ‘Kodo’ design philosophy seems to have made the best of the circumstances, creating stylish and futuristic designs with a strong brand identity.

They’ve not just been Russian doll-ing all their models, either. Their flagship Mazda6 sedan features different lines from their CX-3 crossover, and their MX-5 roadster isn’t just a 2-door version of the Mazda3.

Ethan, the owner of this fourth-generation Mazda3 sedan, was immediately wowed by the car’s styling when he viewed it in the showroom. Angry, fierce, and sporty are some words he uses to described it - and it’s rather evident why. 

Ethan’s Mazda3 sedan is a fourth-generation ‘BP’ model, with a 1.5-litre ‘SKYACTIV-G’ hybrid engine and 6-speed automatic transmission. New to the model is a ‘M-Hybrid’ mild hybrid system, which incorporates a small electric motor and battery to help with better acceleration and fuel economy.

To Ethan, aesthetics are everything. The Mazda3 comes factory-fitted with 18-inch wheels. Though the wheel arches are filled nicely, Ethan felt that the design was too tame for his liking. Not contented with just any off-the-shelf wheel, Ethan then chanced upon RAXER, a boutique wheel brand in Malaysia.

The RAXER VOX 50 caught his eye, with its angular and aggressive twin 5-spoke design. Happy with his purchase, the design and size are a perfect fit for Ethan’s factory-fitted TURANZA T005A tyres in the 215/45R18 size.

“Although these tyres came fitted to my car as original equipment, I’m really impressed with how they perform; they’re really quiet which makes the drive great. In wet weather, there’s plenty of grip, and they never slip even when I go quickly around corners.”

"I’m really impressed with how they perform; they’re really quiet which makes the drive great!"


One of the very first cars he got behind the wheel was his family’s car – a Subaru Forester. Fitted with tyres from another manufacturer, he recalled an unpleasant driving experience where the car understeered uncontrollably as he manoeuvred around a bend on a wet road. Ever since that incident, Ethan now prioritises good wet-weather performance whenever it comes to selection of car tyres.

Wheels are not the only aesthetic upgrade that Ethan did on his Mazda3. A full lip kit consisting of a front lip, side skirts, and rear diffuser are added to make the car look lower to the ground. On the boot lid, a small subtle lip spoiler has also been added, to augment the car’s sharp styling. 

Keen-eyed petrolheads will also notice the small yet drastic change up front. Ethan has also installed a license plate relocation kit, which shifts the license plate from the middle of the grille to the lower valance, giving the car a cleaner and less cluttered look.

Ethan is very particular about cleanliness when it comes to his car. In his boot is his collection of car care products – a pail, sponges, car shampoo and tyre shine – you name it, it will be there. This helps Ethan to keep his Mazda3 perpetually in showroom condition, gleaming in the sunlight.

Ever Instagram-Ready

On top of keeping the car clean, Ethan also wants his car to always be Instagram-ready. Ethan runs an Instagram page for his car with the rather apt handle @that.angry.mazda, where he posts pictures of his pride and joy parked amidst beautiful scenery.

Running the Instagram account has not only allowed him to document his time with the car, but it also connected him with fellow Mazda owners in both Singapore and other countries. As a member of the SG Mazda3 BP Club, a club exclusively for owners of the fourth-generation Mazda3, Ethan meets up with the club members frequently to share and exchange information.

The cordial and spontaneous nature of the community thrives on its members. Much information is shared – from fuel economy updates to the latest and greatest modifications available for the platform. Through the group, Ethan not only learnt new things but made new friends along the way. 

While aesthetics are everything, it’s the journey that matters most. As Ethan’s Mazda3 continues to evolve to look angrier, fiercer, and sportier, we’re sure that there’ll always be friends along the way.


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