Javier's honda civic type R FN2r


This spaceship-like hatchback, on POTENZA RE-71R, is like nothing else on the road.

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Fated Fusion | Javier’s Honda Civic Type R

Javier chose the POTENZA RE-71R, Bridgestone’s street legal and circuit driving tyre, in the tyre size of 225/40 R18 for his Honda Civic Type R.

The Honda ‘Type R’ badge has always stood for things close to enthusiasts’ hearts – a well-sorted chassis, great handling, and a screaming VTEC powerplant that all worked together to keep a constant grin on the driver’s face.

To create the first generation ‘EK9’ Civic Type R, Honda took a regular sixth-generation ‘EK’ Civic hatchback and went bonkers with performance upgrades. A more powerful engine, bigger brakes, a reinforced chassis, and a limited-slip differential – these are just some of the goodies that allowed the original Civic Type R to be one of the best front-wheel drive chassis made.

When the time came for the second generation ‘EP3’ Civic Type R to be built, Honda decided to make it a little more mature. Production was shifted to their European plant in Swindon, UK, where the Civic was fitted with a plusher interior, and several creature comforts added.

In 2007, the third generation Civic Type R rolled around, and things were changed up a bit. The Civic was offered in two distinct models: the 4-door ‘FD2’ Civic Type R for the Japanese market, and the 3-door ‘FN2’ Civic Type R for the UK and international markets.

Since then, enthusiasts have always overlooked the softer, more mature European Civic Type R for the racier and more hard-core Japanese Civic Type R. However, Honda’s intention wasn’t to please everyone with the FN2. Unlike the track-focused FD2, the FN2 supplies the driver with the best of both worlds – refined enough to tackle the demands of daily driving on the street, while offering the performance potential for occasional track day adventures.

This Honda Civic Type R here belongs to Javier, who credits his ownership of the car as down to 缘分 (yuán fèn), or fate. Having owned several performance cars before this, he took an immediate liking to the Civic when offered the chance to buy it.

Javier’s Civic Type R is based on the eighth generation European-market Civic. Known by its chassis code ‘FN2R’, it’s powered by a 2.0-litre ‘K20Z4’ i-VTEC engine mated to a close-ratio 6-speed manual transmission.

veteran in the automotive industry

As a veteran in the automotive industry, Javier sees many cars coming and going. However, he attributes the purchase of his Civic to fate. Just when his previous car was reaching the end of its COE lifespan, the Civic was coincidentally traded in by a customer.

Over the course of nearly 4 years with the Civic, Javier has set about improving the car’s already futuristic-looking exterior with subtle and tasteful modifications.

The factory wheels were replaced with a set of WedsSport SA-60M wheels, with a custom red paintjob for more visual impact. Javier then shod them with a set of POTENZA RE-71R in the 225/40R18 size, which has seen both track and road duty.

“I love the performance of the RE-71R, especially on the track. The grip is fantastic!”

Prompted to try the RE-71R after hearing multiple positive reviews, he’s a strong believer in investing on tyres for maximum safety and performance.

Peeking out from beneath the WedsSport wheels is a 4-piston AP Racing big brake kit, to better deal with the braking demands on Malaysia’s Sepang International Circuit. To round off the handling package, a set of BC Racing BR-Series coilovers replaces the factory damper and spring setup. 

Javier has also improved the Civic’s addictive engine note on both ends. Up front, a GruppeM ram air intake system has been installed to increase air flow to the engine, while at the same time adding some bling to the engine bay with its lacquered carbon fibre heat shield. Round the back, an LTA-approved Invidia Q300 muffler improves exhaust flow and emits a throaty VTEC roar as the K20 engine is wrung out to its 8,000rpm redline.

Subtle changes have been made to the Civic’s exterior to augment its spaceship-like looks. A sleek front lip and larger rear wing from Honda tuner Mugen give the Civic more angular edges and an aggressive stance.

Inside, it remains largely original with the exception of a pair of BRIDE bucket seats, which has followed Javier for over 10 years, and across three cars he’s owned! Despite their age, the immaculate condition both seats are in are a testament to how well-maintained his car is.

form of escape from the hustle and bustle of life

Being an enthusiast, the car is not merely a form of transport for Javier – it’s become a part of his life and is a form of escape from the hustle and bustle of life. He fondly recounts going for convoy drives with his kakis in the FN2R Singapore Club, in search of chill-out spots where they would park up and chitchat about modifications done to their cars.

As Javier rather succinctly put it, the car ownership journey isn’t just about his individual experiences with the car, but rather the joy and camaraderie when the car enables him to make new friends who share the same passion.


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