This screaming Japanese roadster on POTENZA RE-71R, is a lethal track weapon.

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Mention “Honda” to any automotive enthusiast, and you’ll elicit visions of the legendary ‘red H’ – a mark of excellence reserved for their performance-oriented, race-bred machines.

Certainly, they’ve made their name honing their craft on various models such as the Civic and Integra, both widely praised by journalists and drivers worldwide as some of the best handling examples of front-wheel drive cars.


Despite Honda’s stellar reputation with the front-wheel drive layout, it’s difficult to ignore their roadster made with a purist-approved recipe – the S2000. The recipe’s really quite simple. A rev-happy naturally aspirated engine in the front, controlled by a slick-shifting manual transmission in the middle, and power sent to the rear wheels.

Bridgestone Tyre Clinic Owners' Rides - Honda S2000

It’s the same recipe that produced a list of other celebrated sports cars, from the Mazda MX-5 to the BMW M3, but perhaps what makes the S2000 even more special is that it’s the second-ever modern Honda with power sent to the rear, with the first being their halo model, the NSX.

This S2000 you see here belongs to Jay, an avid track enthusiast with an automotive history featuring other big names such as the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution IX. Having experienced and achieved success with the all-wheel drive Evolution, Jay decided it was time to master the art of controlling a rear-drive chassis.

Jay’s Honda S2000 is a late model Japanese-specification Type S, produced in the final two years of S2000 production. As with all face lifted units colloquially known by its chassis designation ‘AP2’, propulsion comes courtesy of a 2.2-litre ‘F22C1’ engine mated to a 6-speed manual transmission.

The exterior of the car is relatively original, with the most noticeable being a set of WedsSport TC105N wheels wrapped in Bridgestone POTENZA RE-71R tyres in the 255/40 R17 size.



As a track enthusiast, Jay has been nothing short of impressed by how the Potenzas have performed on the circuit under demanding conditions. “Everyone swore by RE-71R on track, with some even managing to shave seconds off their lap time with these tyres. From my personal experience, they’re amazing!” remarks Jay.


On the outside, the factory Type S bodywork designed to provide higher downforce – comprising of a rather pronounced front lip and a large rear wing – has been left untouched.

Bridgestone Tyre Clinic Owners' Rides - Honda S2000

Inside the cabin, practical modifications have been done to allow Jay maximum concentration on the track. A set of Recaro Pole Position seats have replaced the factory items, while a Schroth Racing 4-point racing harness keeps him strapped into said seat while on maximum attack mode.

Befitting a track-focused machine, the dashboard is devoid of any distracting ornaments, gauges, or displays, with the lone modification being a Nardi Neo Grinta steering wheel to match the racy red and black theme of the interior.

Under the bodywork is where the bulk of the modifications have been done, beginning with a set of 4-piston AP Racing Pro 5000+ brake calipers peeking out from beneath the aforementioned WedsSport TC105N wheels.

An optimised suspension setup to keep the car completely stable, and to increase grip on the track comes courtesy of a set of Moton Suspension Motorsport 3-Way dampers that allows Jay to make the most minute of adjustments to cope with changing track conditions. Multiple Cusco chassis braces also help to stiffen the chassis, keeping the car flat through all corners.


Having owned the S2000 for 7 years now, Jay has fallen in love with how complete a package it is. The car not only supports his quest for continuous improvement for better lap times, but also actively encourages it as he learns new ways to shave precious seconds off lap times with each run.

Bridgestone Tyre Clinic Owners' Rides - Honda S2000

With a fresh 10-year COE renewal done last year, 2019 is set to take the experience to new heights as Jay looks forward to setting a new personal best timing on Sepang International Circuit.

He reveals some plans for the car, which include a new suspension setup, and some tweaks to the car’s undercarriage – so it’s safe to say that the quest for continuous improvement carries on.


Jay chose POTENZA RE-71R, Bridgestone's track racing passenger car tyre, in the tyre size of 255/40 R17 for his Honda S2000. 

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