Jie Hao's Volkswagen Touran TSI

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This family-friendly 7-seater, on POTENZA S007A, is an all-weather family shuttle with a touch of performance.

Space for Everyone | Jie Hao’s Volkswagen Touran TSI

Jiehao chose the POTENZA S007A, Bridgestone’s ultra-high performance tyre, in the 235/45R18 size for his Volkswagen Touran TSI.

It might be a fact that’s difficult for the purists to accept, but compact MPVs have evolved.

As cars grow larger and larger, the lines between hatchback, stationwagon, and MPV are blurring. Manufacturer platform sharing, too, has contributed to this, and MPVs now have increasingly car-like manners.

Renault led the charge in 1996 with the Scénic, a vertically-stretched version of their popular Mégane hatchback. The Scénic turned out to be an instant hit on the sales floor, with daily production exceeding over 5 times what Renault initially forecasted.

Seeing Renault’s success, Volkswagen then followed not too long after with the Touran, its seven-seat version of the Golf. Offering a range of turbocharged engines and crisp, dynamic handling, it too, became a sales hit. Its clever advertising played a part, touting the car as a sporty family mover.

Jie Hao, the owner of this second-generation Volkswagen Touran, is one driver won over by the concept of a sporty MPV. Being forced to upgrade to a 7-seater with the arrival of his second child, Jie Hao searched the market for a turbocharged, good handling MPV that fit his family.

Jie Hao’s Volkswagen Touran is a second-generation ‘5T’ model, with a 1.4-litre turbocharged engine and 7-speed ‘DSG’ dual-clutch transmission. Sitting on a the newer Volkswagen Group ‘MQB’ platform, it offers more space and better fuel economy than the model it replaced. 

Aesthetics and safety are a top priority for Jie Hao when it comes to his cars. The pre-loved Touran came fitted with the original factory wheels and tyres, which were in poor condition and a bit too small to his liking.

Going wheel shopping, a set of TOMMI T053 wheels caught Jie Hao’s eyes, for their well-defined and easy-to-clean design. They were then paired with a set of POTENZA S007A tyres in the 235/45R18 size, all fitted by authorised Bridgestone dealer Autoworld Care

“I like how the POTENZA S007A gives me additional confidence when driving, and fulfils both my dry and wet weather requirements."


"It’s particularly impressive in wet weather conditions, eliminating that floaty feeling when travelling at higher speeds on the expressway." 

HUGE fan of POTENZA tyres since his first car

Ever since getting the keys to his first ride, a Honda Fit, Jie Hao has been a huge POTENZA fan. It all began with the POTENZA Adrenalin RE001; these impressed him so much that he replaced them with the POTENZA Adrenalin RE002. Much as he enjoyed the time with his Honda Fit, Jie Hao decided against revalidating its COE, concluding that an upgrade was in order. Wanting some modern creature comforts, and more space for his first child’s barang-barang, he opted to go down the popular compact crossover route.


Now the proud owner of a brand new Kia Stonic, Jie Hao very quickly got smitten by its small but punchy turbocharged engine. Handling was excellent too, with its quick steering response and small-car-like handling. But, there’s always room for improvement – thus the original tyres were very quickly swapped out for a set of POTENZA Adrenalin RE003.

Less than two years into his ownership of the Stonic, Jie Hao’s second bundle of joy arrived. Two toddlers’ worth of equipment very easily filled up the Stonic’s modest cargo area, thus the search was on for a 7-seater offering more cabin and boot space.

The Volkswagen Touran right here was a perfect fit. For Jie Hao, as a car enthusiast, it offered sleek styling, good handling, and a powerful turbocharged engine. For his wife and two little ones, it offered tons of space, great build quality, and a massive sunroof to watch the sky go by.

Serving duty as Dad’s Shuttle Bus, Jie Hao’s Touran criss-crosses Singapore on a daily basis. On a typical weekday, it’ll bring the kids to playschool and get both him and his wife to work. Weekends are designated family days, visiting attractions such as the Singapore Flyer!

For now, the Touran is set to be a keeper. Filled up with strollers, baby seats and toys, the future-proofed family car ensures that for the near future, there’ll still be space for everyone.

Autoworld Care

"Friendly and knowledgeable staff. Provided the appropriate recommendation and advice during tyre selection. Store is clean and well maintained! Despite some hiccup on the delivery of tyres, the store handled the situation well. One of the best tyre store I’ve visited!"


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