Not all of us will get to realise our hopes of owning our dream car. But Yip Feng has had the privilege of doing just that.


Yip Feng chose the POTENZA Sport, Bridgestone’s flagship ultra-high performance tyre, in the tyre size of 225/45 R17 for his Mazda RX-7 FC3S.

Not all of us will get to realise our hopes of owning our dream car. But Yip Feng has had the privilege of doing just that.


Truly a rare piece of machinery, especially here in Singapore, his second-generation JDM (Japan Domestic Model) Mazda RX-7 is one of the last few registered units on our roads. It's also been rebuilt and is an excellent specimen too.

An iconic model in every way.

Fans of the Initial D franchise will recognise the model as one similar to character Ryosuke Takahashi's white Mazda RX-7 FC3S. Powered by a turbocharged 13B rotary engine (an engine technology made famous by Mazda), the RX-7 pushed out a substantial 200 bhp and 265 Nm of torque back in the day when it was first released.

But beyond the comic books and manga legends, the FC3S, fondly known by car enthusiasts, is also a sought-after performance car in the tuning circles. It is also a model commonly used by drift racers who enjoy the rear-wheel-drive setup the car is built on.

A rare breed.

You can imagine how rare a car like this would be in Singapore. Yet, Yip Feng was able to get his hands on one and spent months rebuilding it from the ground up. "I like cars that are different and quirky. But this particular car was more than that. It also fulfilled a childhood dream of mine." he shares.

Owning a rare car is a unique experience, but it has its downsides too. Finding parts is one potential issue; getting someone familiar and able to work on the model is another.

In Yip Feng's case, restoring the car took nine months and, needless to say, a lot of funds. "But I don't regret any of it. I worked on some of it by myself and with my workshop friends at Synergy Motorworks, and it makes the ownership experience all that more special." Yip Feng says with pride.

Road and track-ready

Beyond getting the RX-7 ready for the road, Yip Feng was preparing for the car to be taken on the track as well.

"After COVID-19 measures eased up, I managed to bring the car to Malaysia's Sepang International Circuit for a few laps, and it was amazing, as this was a bucket list item I managed to tick off!" he says with a smile.

POTENZA Sport: Tyres that keep surprising drivers.

Having all that power in the rear can be tricky to drive. Unless of course, you have excellent tyres. "The Bridgestone POTENZA Sport tyres are great, as they really help me keep the car in control," Yip Feng shares. "In the past, I often found myself in situations when the car is a bit unstable when on inferior tyres, but not with the POTENZA Sport," he adds.

Another surprising element about the POTENZA Sport, which many drivers have also highlighted, is how quiet the tyres are for an Ultra High Performance (UHP) tyre. "Yet the grip is just as good as my track tyres, which are supposed to be more aggressive and noisier!" Yip Feng shares.

So would he recommend these tyres to friends?

"Most definitely, they are an excellent balance between performance and comfort and would suit people who drive their car daily, but also enjoy spirited driving up B-roads in Malaysia."

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